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Tutorials on Etsy


Check out my store on Etsy for 15+ Tutorials on everything from Abstracting the Figure,  Gold Leaf Techniques, Velvet Painting and more. 

Currently I only give workshops by special request so this is the second best way to learn many of the techniques that I teach.


Art Technique Lessons


Get inspired to texturize, color, layer and add image transfers in your next mixed-media creation in my lessons offered by InterWeave.


Spice of Your Art

Image Transfers

Adding Dimension with Fiber Paste & Paper Clay


Art Technique Books


I have had the pleasure of being an author for five art technique books for Northlight (now Penquin Random House). They are available for purchase online and at Amazon:

  • Image Transfer Workshop

  • Surface Treatment Workshop

  • Mixed Media Revolution

  • Alternative Art Surfaces

  • Mixed Media in Clay

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