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Art Technique Books


In addition to writing articles for many different art magazines, I have had the pleasure of being an author for five art technique books and multiple art lessons for Northlight (now Penquin Random House).


Books are available for purchase online and at Amazon:

  • Image Transfer Workshop

  • Surface Treatment Workshop

  • Mixed Media Revolution

  • Alternative Art Surfaces

  • Mixed Media in Clay


Tutorials on Etsy


Check out my store on Etsy for 15+ Tutorials on everything from Abstracting the Figure,  Gold Leaf Techniques, Velvet Painting and more. 

Currently I only give workshops by special request so this is the second best way to learn many of the techniques that I teach.


Art Technique Lessons


Get inspired to texturize, color, layer and add image transfers in your next mixed-media creation in my lessons offered by InterWeave.


Spice of Your Art

Image Transfers

Adding Dimension with Fiber Paste & Paper Clay




The following art techniques videos were created for

  • Adding to Your Arsenal: Surface Treatments & Image Transfers

  • Impressional, Incredible Clay

  • Metallic Hocus Pocus. Demented & creative ways to work with metal leaf.

  • Mystical Magical Gesso with a Twist

  • Make Your Art Speak

  • Clay Casting


Free Goddess iBooks


These FREE ibooks showcase my art about the Goddess, the stories that go with them and the techniques used. Check them out on the itunes store and enjoy.

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